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Searching for our roots is back again.

All of us seek our roots for family or cultural reasons, or because we wish to apply for a European citizenship and we need to prove our lineage.

Rummaging through our grandparents' chest we usually find an old Bible with notes, yellowed photos, letters and old documents that we can't decipher. We keep asking ourselves:

Who were my ancestors?

Was their last name changed when they arrived to their new homeland?

Where did they come from and when did they emigrate?

From present-day Hungary or from one of the neighbouring countries? Before or after the Treaty of Trianon?

What was their profession and religion?

Were they shoemakers, tailors, merchants? Christians or Jews?

What does my last name mean?

Does it have anything to do with my family's place of origin?

Was there someone famous or noble in my family?

Did my ancestors live in a castle or in a simple cottage?

Does my family have a coat of arms?

And if so, could someone explain to me what it means?

Do I still have living relatives in Hungary or in the neighbouring countries?

How can I get in touch with them?

Our office, established in Budapest has more than twenty years of experience in researching the history of Hungarian families who settled overseas in the 19th and 20th centuries. With our help, in the last few years more than 2,000 people have already acquired their European citizenship.

If you need professional help with your research, please contact us:

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